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High-Quality Metal Tile Guards and Snow Guards for Slate Roofs & Conservatories

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to protect you and your family from loose tiles that can fall off your roof, causing damage or an injury? Our tile guard has been designed to be the most affordable solution on the market, and it’s beneficial for more than just your safety. Our gutter tile guard, which can be installed on just about any roof type, protects you from falling snow and damage caused by loose tiles slipping. If you need snow guards that are effective for years, you needn’t look any further than us.

Tile and Snow Guards for Sale

Available in 2m standard lengths and convenient 150mm (6″) or 225mm (9″) heights.
  • Snow/Tile Guards are Boxed in 10’s
  • Brackets are Boxed in 25’s
Great Discounts Available for Wholesale Enquires
At Gold Bros Ltd, we’ve been designing, fabricating, manufacturing and supplying our unique slate roof snow guard for decades. In fact, we’ve been a standard setter in the metalworks industry for nearly a century. Our roof tile guard provides additional protection for you, your home’s condition and your finances. And, you can feel confident that once installed, your roof tile slip guard will remain in top condition for years without required maintenance.
Thanks to having a large workshop that’s equipped with advanced metal fabrication equipment, we can cater to the needs of individual households and commercial clients. Our clients include wholesalers, retailers as well as professionals including architects, window stylists, designers and more. Whether you want to order snow guards for roof tiles in bulk or on a one-off basis, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call, and we’ll gladly tell you more about the features of our quality roof snow guard solution.

Maximise Safety with Gold Bros Ltd Snow and Roof Tile Guards

A brand-new roof could remain in perfect condition for well over 25 years without any interference. However, most specialists recommend having your roof inspected at least every five years, and that’s largely to make sure your tiles are still intact. The UK is often subjected to harsh and turbulent weather conditions, which is what makes our roof tile guards such an essential roof accessory. Should strong winds, ice or snow ever dislodge your tiles, our snow guards in the UK will protect you and your family from any debris that may fall.
Our snow guard roof brackets can barely be seen from the ground, ensuring they won’t ruin your home exterior’s appearance. We also supply powder-coated snow guards for conservatories, which can improve the overall look of your property. Just think of the damage a loose tile or shingle could do on impact after falling from your roof, and you can understand why our snow guards for gutters are one of our best-selling products.
In addition to tiles, our roof snow guards in the UK are useful for preventing slipping snow from falling off your roof. Falling snow can be hazardous as well as costly, especially if it causes any damage to your property. Learn more about how our snow roof guard helps maximise safety by calling us today.

How Our Roof Snow Guards Can Help You Save Money

We believe our snow guards for slate roofs are the most affordable solution of their kind in the UK. But it’s not just their low price tag that can help you save money. Our roof snow guards can protect your property below, such as your deck, paving stones and furniture. In many cases, our roof tile bird guards may help reduce your insurance costs.

Manufacturing the Best Value Snow Guard Brackets in the UK

At Gold Bros Ltd, we’ve been manufacturing snow guard brackets for UK households and commercial partners for over 90 years. Even though we’ve grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of snow guards for slate roofs in the UK, our mission has remained the same: to be the most cost-effective supplier of roof tile guards in the nation. From prototype and design to fabrication, our manufacturing service means you don’t need to go through any middlemen to take advantage of our high-value prices. And, because they’re galvanised after production, our snow guards for existing slate roofs remain pristine and intact for years.

Our range of tile guards includes:

  • Snow guards for slate roofs
  • Snow guards for shingle roofs
  • Snow guards for standing seam metal roofs
  • Guards for pitched roofs
  • Powder-coated solutions for conservatories

Become a Retailer of Quality Metal Snow Guards

Are you an architect or roofer that needs high-quality wholesale snow guards for your customers? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We accept retail orders from a wide range of clients. And if you’re interested in learning about our special pricing options on bulk orders, wholesale enquiries are welcome. Whether you work with slate roofs, standing seam metal roofing or tile roofs, we have the perfect wholesale tile guards for you. Call us today to learn more about our metal snow guards.

Why We’re a Leading Supplier of Tile Guards

For nearly a century, we’ve been at the forefront of our industry. And with such a wealth of experience under our belts, you can feel confident that we know a thing or two about roof tile safety. Thanks to our strict quality control measures, we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our solutions. If you’re unhappy with your tile guards, give us a call, and we’ll either fix the problem or give you a full refund. We believe we provide the best snow guards for metal roofs and tile roofs. And, because our roof snow guards come in 2m lengths and convenient 150mm (6”) or 225mm (9”) heights, they’re perfect for just about all roofs in the UK.

Learn More about Our Snow Guard Brackets and Roof Tile Guards

Thanks to their snow retention and tile protection capabilities, our snow guard – come with sturdy support brackets which can help you maximise health and safety at home. Minimise personal injury risks while protecting your home’s condition by ordering our tile guards today. We can dispatch for bulk orders to any UK location if you buy online. And we’re more than happy to provide free quotes and advice.


If a build-up of snow collects on your roof, a mini avalanche that can pose a threat to your health and safety as well as cause damage to your property could soon follow, which is why installing snow guards on roofs in cold climates is essential. Fortunately, snow guards also protect you from falling tiles making them useful year-round.
The purpose of snow guards is to prevent a build-up of snow from falling off your roof and causing damage to your property in the process. They also minimise the risk of personal injury, not just from falling snow but also loose tiles and debris.
If snow collects on the glossy surface of your slate roof, it can eventually fall off and cause damage to your property, not to mention pose a threat to the health and safety of your family. Metal roof snow guards are the most cost-effective way to minimise the risk of a snow avalanche from your roof.
How many snow guards you need depends on the size and the roof type. Our snow guards are two metres in length, so you can calculate how many you require based on the total length of your roof’s soffit. For health and safety reasons, you might want to let a professional roofer determine how many roof snow guards you need.