Gold Bros

About Us

Let us tell you about Gold Bros. Ltd., whose story is intrinsically linked with the history of the roofing snow guard.

A.J. HARVEY & Co., Catalogue 1911

A.J Harvey & Co., a family wire-goods manufacturing business, had been making its diamond-shaped woven mesh snow guard by hand since at least 1911.

The snow guard is still as popular today as it was in 1911 as it is so compatible with traditional and modern buildings with tiled roofs.

Sometime in the 1960’s, after a family bust-up, Mrs Gold (a member of the Harvey family) took her share of the family money and set up Gold Bros. for her two sons, Ernie and Alfie. They were based in Islington and it was agreed with the Harvey family that they could take over the production of the snow guard. Ernie and Alfie kept the distinctive diamond-mesh design and expanded their range of roofing products with the chimney guard and pipe caps as well as other wire products.

Prior to Ernie’s retirement in 1987 (when the present management took over Gold Bros.), the manufacturing process for snow guard changed from hand woven to multi-weld using customised jigs and modern welding methods. After 1987, as new owners, we developed the snow guard further, extending it to the same 2 metre lengths as standard guttering whilst retaining the original diamond-mesh design.

In 1992, Gold Bros. Ltd acquired an engineering company called Whiteroy Ltd., which specialised in metal work for exhibitions, point of sale and jewellery sands. The synergy has proved very successful and opened up many more markets for us.

Gold Bros. Ltd has continued for more than 30 years, maintaining wire goods products and has expanded into other areas of bespoke metal work.