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Wire Balloon Chimney Pot Bird Guards Quality Cowls Cheapest Prices on Wholesale Orders

Keeping your chimney in optimum condition is essential for the sake of your home’s safety. But it’s not always easy to stop birds from nesting in chimneys, which is why our bird covers for chimney pots are such a worthwhile investment. With their metal construction for maximum durability, our chimney pot bird guards are guaranteed to survive harsh weather conditions. And, as far as chimney cap manufacturers go, you’ll struggle to find another company with more experience than us.

Chimney Bird Guards for Sale

Sizes are: 2 inch (50mm), 2.5 inch (65mm), 3 inch (75mm), 4 inch (100mm), 6 inch (150mm), 8 inch (200mm) and 9 inch (225mm).

2″, 2.5″, 3″ & 4″ – boxed in 100’s – Cost £
6″, 8″ & 9″ – boxed in 20’s – Cost £

Great Discounts Available for Wholesale Orders


We’ve been providing our unique and highly effective chimney pot bird guard for nearly a century. We can also undertake just about any bespoke fabrication project for clients ranging from architects to theatrical suppliers. You can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to create what we believe to be the best value chimney pot bird guards in the UK. And, they’re useful for much more than just preventing nesting.
From protection against airborne litter to reduced maintenance and cleaning requirements, our wire balloon chimney guard comes with a range of benefits that help you save money. We can supply wholesale chimney pot bird guards at discounted prices. Whether you need a team of experts for custom chimney caps metal fabrication on a one-off basis or a reliable partner for retail orders, we’ve got you covered.

Why You Should Use a Chimney Pot Cover and Cowls to Stop Birds Nesting

Removing bird nests from a chimney can be a nightmare. It’s also a task that usually requires a professional. The warmth and shelter provided by chimneys makes them ideal habitats for some birds, and in many areas, jackdaws and swallows nesting in chimneys is more common than you might think. A chimney pot cover to stop birds nesting not only protects your home and health but also prevents blockages, additional pest infestations and harm to the birds.
Our wire chimney cowls eliminate the risk of birds nesting in your chimney, meaning you’ll never need to worry about harming the animals or dealing with bird droppings. In some cases, birds – especially if their nest is harmed – can attract critters including maggots. And those bird droppings aren’t just a nuisance. They can also cause up to 60 diseases.
Our high quality and affordable chimney bird guard gives you extra peace of mind for your safety and finances, especially given that once installed, you can feel confident it’ll do its job for years. If you want to learn more about how our wire chimney cowl works so effectively, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Block Airborne Debris and Litter with a Quality Chimney Pot Bird Guard Cover

In addition to eliminating the risk of birds nesting in chimneys, our chimney pot cover helps you keep your home cleaner by blocking airborne litter from entering the chimney crown. The wire chimney caps have a distinctive cone-shaped metal design, giving your chimney ample protection against airborne litter. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions in the UK, investing in a wire chimney guard is a smart idea. Thanks to the close spacing of the distinctive design of our chimney bird cover, you’ll never have to worry about leaves and debris, which can be an expensive nuisance at best and hazardous at worst.
Our chimney pot cover provides you with protection against a range of potentially costly problems. If you want to find out how wire balloons for downpipes can help keep your home in top condition and your health – and finances – in check, get in touch with our specialists.

The Best-Value Online Chimney Pot Bird Guards in the UK

For over 90 years, we’ve aimed to remain the best value supplier of chimney pot guards in the UK. And, you can feel confident that we take no shortcuts when designing and manufacturing our chimney pot covers. The unique ornamental cone shape of our chimney cowl bird guard makes it easy to install, long-lasting and highly effective. In just two minutes, you could customise your chimney with a stainless steel chimney bird guard that’ll likely survive for a lifetime and prevent anything from the outdoors from causing blockages. Best of all, it costs far less than rectifying problems.

Buy Wholesale Chimney Bird Guards Your Customers Will Love

Do you want to be able to offer your customers a high-value chimney bird cage guard and open up an additional revenue stream? Our chimney bird cover could make a great – and profitable – addition to your store shelves. We can also supply wholesale chimney bird guards to commercial clients such as wholesalers, roofers, architects, developers, pest control companies, and anybody else who needs high-quality and high-value chimney pot bird guards for their customers. If you have any questions about our manufacturing service for chimney cap related products, send us a message or give us a call.

Why We’re One of the Leading Chimney Cowl Manufacturers

Our wire chimney bird guard is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your chimney stack. They keep chimney pots free of loose debris, eliminate chimney cleaning, prevent crows nesting, and guarantee to remain perfectly intact for several years. We’ve been continually developing and improving the unique design of our chimney bird guard cowl bowl wire balloon for over 90 years. Our wealth of experience, industry expertise and long track record of success prove that we’re a team of chimney cowl manufacturers you can trust.

Find out how our chimney cowls protect your chimney, including the chimney cap and the chimney flue, by having a chat with our experts.

Learn More about the Benefits of Our Unique Wire Balloon Chimney Cowl

Want to find out how chimney covers to stop birds can also be useful for disused chimneys? Interested in learning more about how our wire balloon chimney cowl can protect your health? Have any questions about related products, such as the gutter pipe leaf wire balloon? Our experts can answer any question you may have, and we’re more than happy to tell you more about the unique design of our bird guard cowl.
Both individual and wholesale enquiries are welcome. Call us for more information on our entire chimney pot cover range, and you can expect an exceptional level of customer service.


The most effective and straightforward way to keep birds away from your chimney is to cover the chimney cap with a chimney bird cover. Wire mesh chimney pot covers are easy to install and have a distinctive cone shape that prevents nesting and the resulting problems, which can include further pest infestations and expensive repair blockages.
If you purchase a wire chimney guard, installing it is as simple as slotting into your chimney stack or down pipe. Chimney pot covers come with adjustable legs and come in a range of sizes, making them suitable for just about any property.
Throughout the UK, crows, jackdaws, starlings and swallows nesting in chimneys is prevalent. The warmth and shelter provided by a chimney is what attracts the animals. Removing them can be difficult, and they can cause all sorts of problems. You can eliminate the risk of birds nesting by installing a chimney cowl bird guard, which snugly fits inside your down pipe and remains intact for decades.
If you find a bird’s nest inside your chimney, you should contact a specialist handler rather than attempt to move it without help. If a bird is stuck, you might be able to entice it out by leaving all your doors and windows open and placing food by the fireplace. You can prevent both of those problems by using a chimney bird cover.