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Bespoke Commercial Custom Metal Work Design & Manufacturing Company in London

Are you an architect looking for a metal work design company that can help you serve your clients with the best custom roof protection products on the market? Are you an interior design company that needs bespoke metalwork for chandeliers? Perhaps you’re an engineer that requires custom metal work for individual components. For whatever reason you need bespoke commercial metal work in London, you needn’t look any further than Gold Bros Ltd.
We’ve been one of the leading experts in metal works in London for the better part of a century. In that time, we’ve served clients including theatrical suppliers, window display stylists, lighting designers, architects and even prop makers. Even though we specialise in the design and manufacture of tile guards, snow guards, chimney caps and pipe caps, no task related to metal design work is beyond our capabilities.
We strive to maintain our excellent reputation as a leading metalwork designer by using some of the brightest minds in our industry, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, offering fast turnaround times, and being one of the best value metalworking companies in London. The next time you need a highly experienced and fully qualified metal worker in London for your commercial projects, get in touch with the experts at Gold Bros Ltd.

Protection Against Falling Roof Tiles and Snow 

Stop birds nesting in your chimney.

London Based Custom Metal Fabrication Service.

Workshp Based in the Heart of London

From Bespoke Metalwork Design to Prototype and then Manufacturing a Continuous Supply

You don’t remain one of the most competitive metalworking workshops in London for over 90 years without knowing a thing or two about bespoke metalwork design. From light engineering to technical bespoke custom projects and everything in between, we can do it all here at Gold Bros Ltd.
Working closely with your design department, we have the know-how to bring just about any design of metal work to life. And, in addition to having a team of exceptionally skilled metalworkers. We use traditional methods as well as the latest and most advanced equipment available. As a result, just some of the metalworks manufacturing processes we’re capable of include:
  • Welding
  • Metal Forming
  • Laser Cutting
  • CNC Punching
  • Tube Bending
  • Powder Coating
  • Plating
We only use the highest grade materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel, to prototype and manufacture solutions that remain functional, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. And, to make sure we can cater to any requirement, we have access to specialist trade subcontractors for large-scale projects, meaning we’re your one point of call for all needs related to metalworks in London.
If you need a bespoke metalwork solution and want to know about our manufacturing process and turnaround times, we encourage you to get in touch. We’ll gladly explain our entire range of design, manufacture and metal prototyping services over the phone. We’ll also tell you how we aim to set the standard for quality regarding bespoke metal works in London.

Our Most Sought-After Bespoke Metal Work Products

As mentioned above – we have the perfect London custom metalworker for you regardless of your project, whether you need components or metalwork design elements. But over the years – all 90 of them – we’ve become the go-to company for a broad range of bespoke metal work manufactured products. Just some of our most sought-after solutions include:

Using wire, tube, sheet metal individually or combined, we can create any of the products listed above to the highest standards, ensuring they’ll remain intact with minimal required maintenance. Does your client want a luxurious chandelier to hang from the ceiling of their new home? Contact our custom chandelier manufacturer. We work alongside the esteemed designer OCHRE (London) Limited to manufacture chandeliers that push the boundaries of innovation and style.

Metal Workers in London that Guarantee Satisfaction

We understand that when it comes to metal work in London for large commercial projects, you need the right products delivered the first time – and on time. That’s why we aim to exceed customer expectations with every project we undertake, regardless of which manufacturing metal work service you require. We believe our metal workers in London really are some of the most talented professionals in the metal work engineering industry. We can make prototypes or samples for you to examine before we produce your solutions.

Learn More about Our Bespoke Custom Metalwork Service in London

We’re the only partner you need for metal work in London because we really can handle everything, from design to prototype, to manufacturing and continuous supply. Thanks to our wealth of experience, industry expertise and proven track record of success, bespoke metalwork in London is second nature to us, no matter how complex your project may be. If you’re searching for ‘metal works near me’ and don’t want to settle for anything but having work carried out by one of the best metalworking workshops in London, there’s no better company to call than us. So, instead of continuing your search for ‘bespoke metal works near me’, contact the experts at Gold Bros Ltd.


In general, bespoke metal work processes can be broken down into four categories, which are cutting, forming, welding and finishing. Metal design work, sheet metal forming and bulk forming differ in that rolling, extrusion, forging and drawing are included in bulk forming processes.
Metal working, or metal work design, refers to the process of working with metals to design and manufacture just about anything made from metal, whether it’s individual components, large-scale structures or assemblies such as snow guards and chimney bird guards. Cutting, forming, welding and finishing are the most common metalworking processes.