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An effective guard to stop Crows, Starlings and Jackdaws nesting in your chimney.


Our traditional bird and pipe guard stop the accumulation of deposits and are also proving effective in handling airborne litter and waste caused by increasingly windy weather.


The problem with any fallen debris, roosting birds or leaves is that the build-up can cause blockages creating a costly nuisance in your chimney or down pipes.


Sizes are: 2 inch (50mm), 2.5 inch (65mm), 3 inch (75mm), 4 inch (100mm), 6 inch (150mm), 8 inch (200mm) and 9 inch (225mm).


Simple and easy to fit, the adjustable legs slot effortlessly into the chimney stack or down pipe to give maximum support.


The unique ornamental cone shape ensures birds can't settle and the close spacing of the distinctive design easily snag leaves and debris.



The metal construction guarantees that our cowls are of superor strength to plastic ones and for added durability they're plastic coated.


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