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GOLD BROS. LTD manufacturer of tile guards and snow guards

WELCOME a leading wire and metalwork manufacturer and designer; specialising in roofing tile guards, snow guards, chimney caps, pipe caps and bespoke product design.

Now that the UK has been crowned Europe's windiest country, more and more people have become aware of the vulnerability of roofing tiles and slates to wind damage.

Here at Gold Bros. Ltd we've been manufacturing roofing products for more than 90 years and our customers know they can rely on our commitment to safety and quality control. 

 Tile guards/Snow guards                 


Roofing Tile guards and Snow guards have been designed with safety in mind.   We also manufacture tradional Chimney caps and Pipe caps.


According to scientists, Britain has become twice as stormy in the past 50 years.1


1. Report by Paul Brown, The Guardian, on Climate Change Scenarios for the UK (The uKCIP02 Briefinf Report)

Chimney Caps and Pipe caps            

Any fallen debris, leaves or roosting birds can cause blockages  and create a costly nuisance in your chimneys or downpipes.


Chimney cap, also known as a Bird guard is an effective defence against Crows, Starlings and Jackdaws nesting in your chimney.


Bespoke metalwork design

We have the skills to analyse requirements and develop your ideas to produce a one-off prototype or manufacture your product.


So whether you need a complete design service or a component contact us and we'll give you the benefit of our experience (subject to quotation).

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