Tile guard


According to the UK's insurance industry, approximately 5 million roofs are in need of maintenance.
ABI 2003
These have become our best selling product as more people become aware of the damage caused to roofs by the UK's increasingly windy, stormy weather.
Tiles and slates are the most vulnerable to wind uplift. By installing or retro-fitting the tile guard/snow guard.gutter guard you can economically minimise personal injury and protect property below, as well as help reduce insurance costs and claims.

Scientists report Britain has become twice as stormy in the past 50 years...
The Guardian 2003
The snowguard/tileguard/gutterguard are equally efficient in preventing snow sliding off roofs. The snowguard/tileguard/gutterguard is easy to handle and straight-forward to fit. Available in practical 2m standard lengths and convenient 150mm (6") or 225mm (9")* heights, our roof tile guard/snow guard/tile guard is galvanised after production to give extra long life. *Non-standard sizes can be made to order.

Since 2000 almost 1500 people a year have been injured in accidents involving roof /tile /slate/ roofing material in the UK.
We supply brackets too either 'round gutter' or 'over gutter', galvanised or plastic coated. We recommend fixing the brackets at 1m intervals.
Always take professional advice when dealing with roofing products. These products should only be fitted by professionals and health and safety guidelines must be followed.



Any fallen debris, leaves or roosting birds can cause blockages and create a costly nuisance in your chimneys or downpipes.

Pos rack
An effective guard to stop Crows, Starlings and Jackdoors nesting in your Chimney.

Our traditional chimney and pipe caps prevent crows, starlings and jackdaws nesting in your chimney or down pipes, stop the accumulation of deposits and are effective in handling airborne litter caused by increasingly windy weather.
The unique ornamental cone shape ensures birds can’t settle and the close spacing of the distinctive design easily snags leaves and debris.
The metal construction guarantees that our cowls are of superior strength to plastic ones. The caps are strongly constructed in metal, and plastic coated for added durability they’re plastic coated.
Simple to fit, the adjustable legs slot effortlessly into the chimneystack or downpipe to give maximum support.

9" to 2" caps