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Gold Bros manufacturer of snowguard/tileguard and pipe/chimney caps.

Tile guard/Snow guard

Gold Bros, metalwork manufacturer/designer specialising in roofing snowguards/tileguards/gutterguards, chimney and pipecaps and bespoke products.


It's official  "Britain has blown away the competition to be named the world's tornado hotspot". The Times (October 2014).  Tiles and slates are the most vulnerable to wind uplift, so Gold Bros Manufacturer & Designer suggest installing or retro fitting Gold Bros tile/snow guards, to economically minimise personal injury and protect property below.

Our tile guard/snow guard is galvanised after production to give extra long life or plastic coated for conservatories.  We supply brackets too, either 'half round' gutter or 'over gutter', galvanised and powder coated.



Gold Bros Manufacturer & Designer of Pipe/Chimney caps (also known as Bird Guards) are effective in stopping birds, leaves and litter clogging up downpipes and chimneys. 

The metal construction guarantees that our pipe caps/chimney caps (bird guards) are of superior strength to plastic ones and for added durability they're plastic coated.


Simple to fit, the adjustable legs slot effortlessly into the chimney stack or downpipe to give maximum support.



We have the skills to analyse and develop your ideas to produce a one off prototype or manufacture your product. 



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